May 10, 2024

Acting Director of STEM/ E Learning Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

It’s been quieter than usual at Mordialloc College this week, as our Year 10 students are off campus for Work Experience. Thank you to all the employers who have welcomed our students into their workplaces, and to all the staff involved in organizing this valuable, and often eye-opening, experience.

The Year 7s are also getting out of the classroom later this week, with Camp running from Wednesday to Friday down at Phillip Island. Thanks to our Year 7 Coordinators, Andrew Potter and Jo Hannan, and the wider Middle School team, for the hard work of organising such a big event. Thanks also to all the staff volunteering to attend.

We are also kicking off our Attitudes to School Survey sessions in Home Group and Mentor. This survey is used in all government schools to gain an understanding of students’ perceptions and experience of school. For further information, please see the information sheet posted in the Compass Newsfeed.

Student Devices

Mordialloc College is a BYOD school, and it is expected that students will bring their device in good working order, charged and ready to go each morning.

We often have students requesting loan devices at the start of the day due to their devices not being charged, suggesting they have been staying up late gaming or socialising online. This not only impacts their ability to participate in class but can impact on their ability to learn. Our SchoolTV parent resource has some suggestions on how to support your child to manage their digital device usage at home.

If there are any issues with your student bringing a device to school, for instance whilst undergoing repairs, please let your student’s Year Level Coordinator know so we can arrange support.

eSafety and Cybersecurity

We take eSafety and Cybersecurity seriously at Mordialloc College, with inclusion in our curriculum in Home Group and Mentor programs and in Digital Technologies. Our IT team also proactively monitors and responds to issues involving school systems.

However, we need families to be partners in eSafety and cybersecurity, as there are many online services and content providers students can access while not at school. We encourage you to engage with your student about the content they engage with online. The eSafety Commissioner has a range of webinars for parents and carers coming up, along with a toolbox of resources. More resources can also be found in our SchoolTV parent portal.

Given the increasing number of cybersecurity incidents, it may also be wise to do a security checkup of your family’s various online accounts. The Australian Cyber Security Centre has a range of guides on how to protect yourself and your family online, including using secure passphrases, multifactor authentication, and keeping devices up to date.

Simon Belluzzo
Acting Director of STEM/E Learning