Giving voice to individual talents and interests

A rich co-curricular program offered throughout the year

The co-curricular programs are closely linked to the academic program and enable students to develop a much deeper understanding and hands-on experience in their chosen fields of interest. The program includes annual camps for Years 7, 8, 10 and VCAL and for many students the biannual study tour is a highlight of their French language studies.

The program is well supported by our teachers, students and parents and continues to grow every year.

During the year, individual and team achievements are acknowledged with certificate presentations during student run assemblies. The off campus Annual Award night celebrates student success in Academic Excellence, the Arts, Technology, Sport and Community Involvement.

The expertise of our specialist teachers, combined with incursions from industry professionals, assists our students in the development of skills that transfer across the curriculum, and in the achievement of excellence.

Subject competitions

At various times throughout the year, students participate in competitions in many subject areas.

Involvement in these competitions enhances the academic program. The competitions challenge students and provide the opportunity to extend their knowledge and experience in their chosen field of interest.

Participation in national subject competitions includes Maths, English, French and Science.

Mordialloc College also runs many lunchtime activities and extracurricular events throughout the school year

House System

A variety of activities including sport, subject based competitions, debating, music, drama, public-speaking and social service form the basis for House competitions. Houses are:

KALURA – Green

The house aggregate at the end of the year is based on student participation and results in all of these activities.

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