October 20, 2022

Art Show Awards

We would like to congratulate the following students who won awards for their contributions to the Art Show. We would also like to thank the City of Kingston Youth Services for their generous sponsorship of the student prizes for various awards.


Subject  Student Name 
Media 9 Kylie Wolfe
Media 10 Amelie Askew
Media 11 Charlotte Zaph
Media 12 Eliza D’alberto
Visual Communications 9 Mackenzie Reiffel
Visual Communications 10 Charlotte Kypriotis
Visual Communications 11 Lily Woodhouse
Visual Communications 12 Aaliyah Zaph
Art 7 Saxon Mead
Art 8 Billy Farrer
Art 9 Riley Feild
Art 10 Finn Broad
Studio Art 11 Ulyana Biaroza
Studio Art 12 Jeneya Tran
Product Design Technology 9 Ryan House
Music 12 Eden Lasbury
Drama  12 Stephen Elkington
Community Award Eva Coulton
Kingston Youth Services Awards Eilidh Jones – Year 8
Maggie  Huber – Year 11
Chantelle Ferguson – Year 12
Brigitte Crick – Year 12


Leah Bright

Art Show Coordinator