March 9, 2022

Assistant Principal’s Update

Andrew Moffat

Our school continues to expand and with it comes the challenges of managing a growing community with the additional challenges posed by the significant construction works taking place on our grounds. I sent a newsfeed to all members of the community earlier in the week specifically highlighting that no ball sports are to be played in crowded areas and must only be played on the oval and that no rough play is to occur at school.


As our hardcourts are resurfaced next term, a lack of space for physical activity will continue to pose challenges but we expect all members of the school community to respect each other’s safety and follow all school rules.


A few general reminders for members of the Mordialloc College community:


Compass Access for Monitoring Achievement and Attendance


All parents should have access to the Compass parent portal which gives them access to the following key information:

  • Permission forms and payment for excursions and camps
  • Real time attendance monitoring and absence authorisation
  • Learning Tasks and Progressive Reporting: to enable you to monitor your child’s progress and results throughout the semester
  • Analytics: access to NAPLAN and school based grading data
  • All previous interim and semester reports
  • Your child’s timetable

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews and Upcoming Progress Reports


Progress reports will be published next Friday, March 18. There is a large amount of assessment being completed at the College this week and next so please encourage your children to speak with their teachers if they are struggling or not up to date.


Parent/Student/Teacher interviews will be held remotely in the last week of term on Wednesday April 6. There will be no scheduled classes on that day but students are expected to attend the online interviews with their parents/guardians.


Bookings for the upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher interviews will open in Week 9. Please ensure you review your child’s progress reports before booking as well as their Benchmark Tasks/SAC grades through the Learning Tasks tab in Compass.


Further instructions will be sent when bookings open and, if you are having any difficulties logging on to Compass, please contact the General Office on 9580 1184.


It is important that parents do not share their parent login details with their children.


Valuables and Personal Property


The College has no insurance for personal property so responsibility for all items brought onto school grounds solely rests on the student. Students are reminded to keep their lockers locked at all times, not to share their locker codes, and not to bring excessively valuable items to school.


When attending P.E. students are to leave their belongings (except PE clothes) locked in their locker.


Students are reminded to keep their bikes locked at all times and to never leave their bikes at school overnight or over the weekend.


Uniform, Piercings, and Phones


A reminder that students are required to have black, leather, lace up shoes with a heel and that the only facial piercing permitted at school is a small clear stud.


Phones and headphones are a major distraction for students. They are not to be seen, heard or used from 8.30am to 3.10pm. However, students in Years 10, 11, and 12 may use headphones from their device (not phone) while studying in their study periods.  Phones and headphones that are seen being used during the school day will be confiscated and will need to be collected from the front office at the end of the day. For a second offence, a parent meeting is required and the phone will be kept for a week. For a third offence, it will be a term.


Andrew Moffat

Assistant Principal