September 4, 2020

Assistant Principal’s Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

Design Submissions for the Redesign of the Main Courtyard

Over the last few years the grassed area under the large Blue Gum in the main courtyard of the school (between the HUB, PAC, Discovery Centre and EZ/S-Block) has been fenced off for safety. We have been monitoring a fungal infection in the trunk of the tree and have had an arborist treating it with the hope of resolving the problem. Unfortunately, this has not worked and this beautiful 95-100 year old Eucalyptus Globulus, affectionately known as ‘Tree 28’ on our plans, must be removed for the safety of our school community.



This tree is an outstanding specimen of the species and while we cannot confirm this, due to its age and location, it is likely that this tree was planted at the foundation of Mordialloc College in 1924. It is fitting therefore that, as the College approaches its 100th birthday, we renew the central courtyard of the school with a new design that will ensure that our beautiful environment is retained, and indeed improved, by developing a more functional space for our growing school.


I am, therefore, inviting design submissions to assist with the improvement of this critical shared space. Submissions will be tabled at the Facilities Sub-Committee of School Council and will be used to develop a design brief and budget which will be submitted to School Council for approval.


Please email me at with your ideas, questions or suggestions.


Year 12 Practice Exams

Our Year 12 students are approaching the end of their coursework and will begin revising for their VCE Practice Exams in Week 10. On behalf of the Senior School Team I would like to express to the school community how proud we are of our students and share with you how well they have coped with all of the additional challenges that have been faced this year. Our Year 12 teachers have also shown complete and utter devotion to their students and have risen above and beyond what is required to ensure we get the best possible outcomes for all of our students. I am so grateful for everyone’s efforts and am truly privileged to work with such exceptional students and teachers, and this is but one additional example of the way the Mordialloc College Community has come together in the face of adversity.


Whole School Review

We are currently in the middle of our Whole School Review and would like to get feedback from parents about how we can further build connectedness to the College, as well as get your input on Progress Reports and future arrangements for Parent Teacher Interviews, now that we have experienced the alternative of remote meetings. We will shortly be emailing a survey link for you to provide your feedback.


Andrew Moffat

Assistant Principal