December 8, 2021

Assistant Principal’s Update

Andrew Moffat
Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


As we conclude scheduled classes for the year I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in what has again been a very challenging year.


Headstart commenced three weeks ago and has seen students step up into their 2022 year levels very successfully. We implemented the Mordialloc College “5 R’s of Building a Culture of Learning” to help staff and students focus on the core skills required for success and a brief summary  follows:


Relationships and Understanding 

Positive relationships and underpin everything we do at the College and are the foundations of a positive culture of learning. After a challenging year, mutual understanding between staff and students is also critical in forging new relationships to ensure we begin 2022 with shared understandings and goals.


Re-establishing Routines

Establishing the school and social norms that underpin our school community was a focus and our students commenced their new year levels with year level assemblies at the beginning of Headstart and have continued with Year Level Coordinators and Sub-school teams helping students to adjust to the responsibilities that come with promotion into the next year level. I would like to congratulate the overwhelming majority of our students who have worked with their friends and teachers to ensure the development of an orderly environment focussed on learning at the College.


Regular Check-ins and Recognition of Self and Others

We have encouraged staff to regularly check-in with all students in all subjects, ensuring that the development of relationships, self awareness and empathy are seen as critical components to learning in 2022. I would encourage parents and carers to also regularly check-in with your children and reach out to teachers and Year Level Coordinators if you require any assistance.


Resetting School Culture and Rewarding Positive Behaviour

We have seen numerous new lunchtime activities and concerts and the launch of the new Mordialloc College Student Council to develop a positive school culture and actively engage our students in the development of the school. We will further build this aspect of College life into 2022 with the introduction of a reward system and focus on positive behaviours to drive change.


Re-evaluating Curriculum and Learning

Learning Areas and teachers have been busy assessing student data and readiness to learn in order to inform targeted curriculum programs in 2022 to address key knowledge and skills that students have found challenging over the course of 2020 and 2021. With the end point of Year 12 VCE and VCAL assessments remaining unchanging, we are developing revised units and courses to best prepare our students for success in coming years.



This week we welcomed the Year 7 cohort of 2022 on Orientation Day on Tuesday and it was fantastic to see such an enthusiastic group of new students welcomed by our wonderful Year 7 staff, helped by volunteer students from all year levels.

As the school continues to grow we also have exciting new facilities improvements that have been developed with and for our students and which include upgrades to student toilet facilities, increased outdoor seating and shade, upgrading of classroom furniture, and some larger projects in 2022 including the opening of the new Year 7 and 8 Learning Centre, a new purpose built Wellbeing Centre, and the creation of new Senior School Centre and courtyard. As our school grows, these facilities will provide exciting new learning spaces and greatly improve the positive environment of the College.


I would like to say a heartfelt ‘well done’ on behalf of all staff to all our students who have achieved their personal best in their studies, sports, music, the arts and other areas throughout 2021 and I look forward to working with you all next year. Have a fantastic festive season and summer; have fun, complete your holiday homework but most importantly, stay safe!


Andrew Moffat

Assistant Principal