December 3, 2015

Award Night

The Mordialloc College Award Night to be held at the Kingston City Town Hall is fast approaching on Wednesday 9 December. At this stage, all students who have been invited will have received a letter, via post or email, to inform them of the details. Congratulations to all of these recipients for their achievements across the school year. In order to receive an invite, students were required to receive a specific number of nominations from their teachers across all subjects. What a fantastic achievement to celebrate as a whole school. Guest tickets are currently available for purchase to attend the night from the General Office, but you need to get in quickly as they are selling fast!

In preparation for the night, there will be a rehearsal for all award recipients at the Kingston City Hall between 9:30am-1:00pm on the actual day itself. Students may wear free dress to the rehearsal and are expected to confirm their attendance on the night, as well as return permission slips for the rehearsal day, to their Year Level Coordinator as soon as possible.

Well done to all invited.

Matina Karamanis, Janine Danckert and Amelia Hargreaves

Award Night Coordinators