December 17, 2023

Awards night

On Wednesday 13 December we held our Awards Night at the Frankston Arts Centre for the first time. Hopefully parents found this to be a more convenient location than the City of Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin and easier to find a park. It was a such a wonderful celebration of student’s determination and dedication to achieve their Personal Best throughout the year. We had the opportunity to celebrate student successes in a variety of areas such as Academic Excellence, Achievement Endeavour, the Arts and Technology, Sport, and Community involvement. High quality entertainment was also provided by students in the areas of Music and Drama. My thanks must go to Tom Facey, Jasmine Vermeer, Miranda Wilson, Tracey Bastin and Catherine Boulton for all their work in putting the evening together for us, and to all my teaching staff who all had an allocated role on the night to ensure the effective running of this significant event.

It was lovely to welcome back our DUX from 2022, Aaliyah Zaph who scored an outstanding ATAR of 99.45. Aaliyah gave a very thoughtful speech reflecting on her first year of University and her experiences as a student at Mordialloc College. Our School Captains, Amelia Davidson and Jeremy Thai-Chan were our MCs for the night and did a terrific job and they also gave their final speech in their capacity as Captains! Ethan Simons and Reny Zhang also gave their final speeches as Middle School captains. Lucas Van Leeuwen was announced as our 2023 DUX with an ATAR of 97.4 and will be invited back to speak at our Awards night in 2024.

At Awards night, there are many prizes awarded on the night. Students are nominated by their teachers at the end of each semester, and this can be in one or more categories: Academic Excellence ­- The ‘Academic Excellence’ award is bestowed upon students who have demonstrated outstanding academic results within a subject. They have consistently worked above the expected level and/or have achieving a B or an A (in relation to Victorian Curriculum Achievement levels) on their reports where possible. At a VCE level students need to be consistently attaining high or very high on all assessments; Achievement Endeavour – The ‘Achievement-Endeavour’ award is awarded to students in recognition of consistent efforts made to strive for their personal best.  They have demonstrated academic progress within a subject and have made significant improvements to reach their learning goals; and Community Service – The ‘Community Service’ award is awarded to students from across each year level who have served the College in a particular way. For example, participation in a variety of school activities as determined on an annual basis, such as: Student Leadership as part of the Mordialloc College Student Council, House Athletics, House Swimming, School Production, subject competitions, contribution to the College Magazine, participation in open night, primary school visits, participation in lunchtime events and clubs etc.

Unfortunately, given the size of our school we can’t recognise all students at the awards night presentation and thus we have set criteria for each year level (how many awards nominations they must receive) to be invited on the night. Thus, invitees are the top performing students in their year level. All other students who were nominated by their teachers for an award should have received these academic or achievement certificates before their last day at school. They should still be very proud of their positive work ethic and achievements this year.

I would like to highlight our DUX of each year level based on close examination of achievement data over the year. The DUX for each year level was only revealed on the night, and thus students weren’t named in the program.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7 – Ella Beckett

Year 8 – William Fleming

Year 9 – Tallain Connell

Year 10 – Rebecca Dowling

Year 11 – Junze (Oliver) Huang

Year 11 – Charlotte Zaph

Ms Michelle Roberts