May 26, 2021

Building Program Update

We continue to remain on track with the two storey building development, despite some wet weather. Crushed rock has been brought in and laid as a ground cover to allow the trucks and required machinery access to our site to continue the work of pouring the second floor concrete slab. After this, the second floor structural steel installation will occur. 

Successful Inclusive Schools Funding application 

The College has been successful in our application for inclusive school funding for the development of a Wellbeing Centre. We have been allocated $196,000 from the State Government and we will use this funding to refurbish the current senior study rooms in D1 and D3 and senior school offices into a Wellbeing Centre. This will include one to one counselling rooms, office spaces for our Wellbeing team, a sensory room and garden and meditation/mindfulness room. 

As previously communicated, once our new two storey Year 7 & 8 Learning Centre is completed, the current Year 7 Learning Centre will undergo further modifications to become the new Senior School area; and then we will be able to commence work on the refurbishment for the new Wellbeing Centre. Thanks to Kate Rhodes, Alexis Reinheimer, Di Douglas, Mel Turton, Megan Furphy and Andrew Moffat for the collaborative work they did to complete our application.