November 3, 2019

Director Of Middle School Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


The end of Term 3 and start of Term 4 is always a busy time of the year, and that has especially been the case this year in the Middle School. As always, Middle School students have enthusiastically taken up many of the opportunities Mordialloc College has afforded them, including excursions, incursions, camps and sports days.


Year 9

As has occurred throughout the year, all Year 9 students are completing their Mordialloc Experience programs, with one group taking part in the City Experience and another group assisting community groups through their community placements.

Throughout the last two terms, Year 9s have taken part in a number of incursions including the AWARE drug and alcohol prevention incursions, where many students learnt important lessons regarding harm minimisation and strategies to assist them in later life. Students also took part in a Poetry in Action incursion, which was arranged by the English department and was based on the poetry of Wilfred Owen.

A group of Year 9 students had the opportunity to take part in the school annual Zoo Snooze experience. As this article is being printed, students will be experiencing the zoo in a manner that many people do not. Often the highlight of the trip is a night walk through the zoo, where participants can see many of the nocturnal animals being active, animals that many people don’t  get to see during the day.

This semester, students in Year 9 will be completing exams for English, Humanities, Science and Maths. These exams will be taking place November 6 to November 15. The Year 9 students will still be attending normal classes during this period as per usual. We would like to wish every student in this cohort the best of luck in their exams.

For the first time, Year 9 students will be taking part in an excursion to celebrate the great year had by all in the year level. On Tuesday 19 November the Year 9 students will be making their way into the CBD and completing an Amazing Race style event throughout the CBD. Payments and consent for this event must be made by Tuesday 12 November, so please head to Compass to make these arrangements.


Year 8

In recent times, the Year 8s have had a number of exciting learning opportunities offered to them. One of the most popular opportunities was Medieval Day, where students not only furthered their knowledge of medieval times in Europe, but were able to experience some aspects including cooking, archery, weaponry, armour and clothing from this period. Every student who participated had a great experience.

In preparation for Year 9 next year, every Year 8 student was given the opportunity to apply for a Middle School Captain position. This process is a challenging, but also very rewarding one where students have to write an application letter, give a speech to the Year 7 and 8 cohort and attend an interview. This year we had 10 applicants who wrote amazing letters and performed outstanding speeches. Interviews will be taking place soon.

Year 8 are looking forward to the upcoming Year 8 Disco, which has been a staple of the Mordialloc Calendar for the last two years. It is a great way for students to let their hair down and help celebrate the end of the academic year. Tickets are on sale now from the General Office. They are $10 each, which includes entry, drinks, treats and a professional DJ playing all of the latest hits.

Like the Year 9s, Year 8 students will also be taking part in an excursion to celebrate the successes they have all experienced this year. On Tuesday 19 October the Year 8 students will be making their way into The O’Brien Ice House located in  Docklands where they will receive an ice skating lesson and a number of hours free skating. Payment and consent for this event must be made by Tuesday 12 November, so please head to Compass to make these arrangements.

The Year 8 cohort was introduced to the School for Student Leadership opportunity that three of our current Year 8s will be able to undertake in 2020. The School for Student Leadership is a school campus based in Marlo, which allows students to build their leadership qualities whilst meeting new people. More information will be given to students over the next few weeks.


Year 7

Year 7s have been working away busily in the Learning Centre, which was clearly evident during the Ancient Mediterranean Cultures expo that took place last week. It was great to see all of the learning and hard work that took place in this unit and to see the pride students took in their work was even better.

Despite being members of Mordialloc College for almost a year now, the Year 7s were further inducted into the College community by experiencing two firsts for them recently. On the last day of Term 3, all Year 7s were in the audience to observe the annual Mordi Idol event. It was a great event to watch, especially when members from Year 7 were participating on stage. The other annual event that the years took part in was watching the Great Debate. All 6 speakers (3 staff and 3 Year 12 students), did a great job, with the teachers taking the trophy this year.

On Friday, Year 7 students will be cheering for their local primary school, when they come to Mordialloc College for the It’s Academic competition. This event has run for a number of years and should be a lot of fun.

Just like the Year 8s and 9s, the Year 7 cohort will be celebrating their successes by attending an excursion. They will be travelling to Bounce for unlimited jumping and laser tag. Payments and consent for this event must be made by Tuesday 12 November, so please head to Compass to make these arrangements.


Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School