June 21, 2024

Director of Student Engagement Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

We are excited to share the latest updates from our school community as we dive into Semester 2! Students have adapted wonderfully to the new bell times and are arriving to lessons by 8:55am, ready to learn and engage.

Reflecting on this term, there has been an array of activities and achievements worth celebrating. Our Year 9 students recently participated in a wellbeing day featuring workshops delivered by Man Cave and Big Sister Experience. Here are some reflections from our Year 9 leaders:

On May 1st, the Year 9 students participated in either the Man Cave or the Big Sister experience, to educate us about being teenagers, and how to deal with things like anxiety, problems with friends, and improving time management as our homework increases. This was an amazing experience that I enjoyed, and I know my peers did as well. The presenters were very engaging and made it feel like we are truly part of the experience, rather than just being talked to and I enjoyed being able to participate in discussions, hands–on activities and personal reflections. It was overall a very engaging day and a workshop that I truly enjoyed. 

By Zoe McPherson

The Man Cave experience aims to uplift and empower young men in all areas of their life, but specifically social and mental health. Our presenters were very engaging, and with music playing the whole day had a great vibe. The sessions started with light activities, like basketball and “would you rather” questions before moving to more important subjects like Mental health and Masculinity. During this main part of the session, students shared the experiences and challenges they faced as they were becoming young men, and overall the day was enjoyable and all of the students participating gained some skills to help their mental health. At the end of the day they gave shoutouts to each other, furthering the bond they had developed with each other.

By William Fleming, Nathan Krummel and Jamie Thai-Chan

Our first casual clothes day of the year, ‘Hoodie Up’ day, was a resounding success, raising money for the Amaze charity supporting those living with Autism. Antonio Marques Vaz Serra, one of our school captains, shares his thoughts: “Students were encouraged to support the fundraiser by wearing hoodies, symbolising their support for Autism awareness. Since I was in Year 9, this event has been a staple, and it was heartening to see student volunteers from all year levels collecting donations. Witnessing such cooperation and dedication was inspiring, and we managed to raise an impressive $900 for Amaze.”

I am thrilled to announce that over 300 bronze badges have been awarded to students for earning more than 100 house points this year. Additionally, 80 silver badges and a few gold badges have been distributed. Congratulations to all badge recipients! Top point earners are in the running for canteen vouchers, with more to be handed out next week. Good luck to all students! Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to sign into MyMahi to keep track of your child’s house points and read the positive comments left by their teachers. Connecting to MyMahi instructions can be found here

On Thursday, June 13th, our Year 11s marked the end of their exam period in style at their much anticipated Formal. The evening was a spectacular success, with students dressing to impress and hitting the dance floor with boundless energy. It was fantastic to witness everyone celebrating each other’s achievements after two weeks of exams. A big thank you must be extended to the student formal committee and Year 11 coordinators Kellie Goebel and Bella Barker. 

On Tuesday, approximately 20 students participated in a chess simulation against chess champion Leonid Sandler. Despite no one defeating the master, the following students received special recognition for their strong performances: Zander Howell (10), Toby Wolff (10), Jensen Srisuwan (10) and Jake Stanguts (7). Well done to all participants!

A friendly reminder that the MoreMordi website is accessible from the Compass star menu. It offers information on house points, clubs, leadership opportunities, and MordiTV. This is a great way for you to stay connected and see the many things that are happening at Mordialloc College. 

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our school community.

Julia Hockey
Director of Student Engagement