September 17, 2017

Dumpling Lunch Days

Dumplings are a traditional Chinese New Year’s food.

On Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 September Mordialloc College had their Special Dumpling Lunch Days.

Many  thanks to the parents of our International students who put on the Chinese lunch for all of our College staff and International students. The parents started preparing the food in the morning at 9:30 on both days. The parents were Ted Liu’s mum and his grandma who arrived in Melbourne the week before. Fei Xu’s and Alex Wang’s mums,  Nate Xie and Christy Xie’s dad.

They all worked very hard to make the food as a way to say, “Special thanks for our  school support and all the help they give  to our  International students.”

Everyone had a choice of three types of dumplings, beef and vegetable, pork and vegetable and vegetable. All the staff and students enjoyed the dumplings. Many comments were made saying, “The dumplings were so delicious.  Could we have dumplings every week?”  These comments made the parents very happy because they did a very good job.

An old Chinese custom is to have a Lucky  Dumpling with all the other dumplings. If a person gets the lucky dumpling this will bring him/her “ good luck for the New Year.”  The Lucky Dumpling was won by a local student.

Li Ping Virgo

International Student Coordinator