February 2, 2022

Excellent Year 12 Results and DUX 2021

I would like to congratulate all our 2021 Year 12 students on achieving excellent Year 12 VCE and VCAL results after such an extraordinary and most challenging two year period. Some of the highlights of our Year 12 VCE achievements include:

  • 9.1% of our Year 12 students achieved ATARs over 90, and 13.6% over 80, thus close to a quarter (22.7%) scoring over 80
  • 6.5% of study scores were in the 40s

Congratulations to our top performing VCE students who were in the top 2-10% of the State of Victoria:

  • Charlie Guo achieved an ATAR score of 98.3 and was awarded College Dux for 2021.
  • Meike Berg achieved an ATAR of 96.85Victoria Vasilenko an ATAR of 95.55George Newton an ATAR of 93.25, Samuel Bloxham an ATAR of 92.5, Fasika Abera with an ATAR of 92.4, Natalie Politova with an ATAR of 92.35 and Hannah Grieve with an ATAR of 91.3

These students have been successful in receiving offers in the following courses: Biomedicine, Science and Arts at Melbourne University; Science/Global Studies, Psychology (Honours), Engineering (Honours)/Science, Arts at Monash University; Architecture at RMIT and Psychology (Honours) Deakin.


In addition, congratulations to all our Year 12 VCAL students for completing all course requirements and receiving offers to complete diplomas, traineeships, and apprenticeships.


These are a wonderful set of results and a credit to all staff and students who have all worked so hard to achieve so much not only over the past two years amid a pandemic with many transitions into and out of remote learning, but over the course of the six-year journey for these students.


While we celebrate individual student success stories, it is important to remind everyone that your final ATAR score does not define you as a person. In the end it is a rank for tertiary admission. It won’t necessarily determine where you will go in the future or how happy you will be. All students should feel proud of their efforts and be satisfied that they have given their personal best.

Michelle Roberts