June 13, 2024


MEX City experience

Thanks to Bryony Lowe, Learning Specialist for organising the two-day MEX city experience for our Year 9 students in Week 6, and also to all staff who supported this excursion. Students had the opportunity to visit a variety of sites that are a part of Melbourne’s vibrant culture, including RMIT, The Big Issue, MCG and Sports Museum and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

On 4th June our Year 12 students attended a presentation by Teenage Road Accident Group (TRAG). During this session, students were presented with information designed to promote road safety, and to end preventable road trauma for the next generation of young drivers. 

Since it first started nearly twenty years ago, TRAG has worked with over 100,000 Year 10, 11, and 12 students across the Mornington Peninsula and South East Melbourne. This is nearly a complete generation of our community, some of whom have now become parents themselves and are keeping their own children safer through the knowledge they gained by attending TRAG workshops.

TRAG presenters are a combination of Emergency Services (Victoria Police, CFA, Ambulance Victoria, SES) and those who have experienced road trauma and its effects first hand. TRAG is widely acknowledged as an integral part of the local resources to reduce incidences of road trauma in the 15-25 age group, the most vulnerable age group in our community.

We would like to thank the team at TRAG for the work and effort in communicating such an important message to our students. If you would like further information please go to https://trag.org.au/