April 6, 2022

Facility Development

We have our final site meeting  this Wednesday for the handover of our new two storey Year 7 & 8 Learning Centre. The new furniture for all classrooms and science laboratories will be delivered and set up during the school holidays. This includes new lockers for our Year 7 & 8 students that will be housed inside the centre. Year 7 students will be occupying the top floor classrooms and Year 8 students the ground floor classrooms. The Year 7 & 8 teaching teams are also very keen to move in over the school holiday period, so we are ready for student occupation from the first day of Term 2. The facility will be open for the public to see on my weekly tours of prospective parents and on our Open Night on May 5.

Refurbishment work is commencing on Wednesday in the old Year 7 learning centre, and this will continue over the school holidays for the conversion of these spaces into our Senior School Hub. Our Senior School Coordinator team, VCAL team and some senior staff will then be moving into the office spaces created and Year 12 VCE classes and all VCAL classes will be timetabled into the classrooms in this area and the surrounding portables. The central space in this building will form the new Senior Study area and there will also be a common area including a kitchenette. Both spaces will be available for Year 12 student use before school, at recess, lunch, and after school. A new enclosed locker area for Year 12 is being created between the end of the building and Portable 1. Years 9-11 students will continue to have their lockers allocated in house groups, reducing congestion in these areas now with only three year levels using four house locker bays.

Our plans for our new Wellbeing Centre with the refurbishment of D1, D3 and office spaces and associated costs have been approved by the Victorian Building Authority and work should commence during Term 2 to have the centre ready for occupation by Term 3.

Michelle Roberts