March 19, 2015

Facility Development

This term we have been working with the architects, Regional representatives and Department representatives on the development of a full masterplan to take into consideration the possibility of future funding (in light of Labor’s election promise) and what the priority projects would be with this money. Thus, what would be all the potential building projects in priority order if we were to be allocated funding to rebuild the College. This planning process has to be approved by the Department before we can move to the actual stage of planning and building the Performing Arts Centre, our first priority project using the $1.3 million allocated in last year’s state budget. We anticipate that this will be approved by the end of term and we can then start the detailed planning for the actual development of our Performing Arts Centre. If the College is announced for funding in subsequent state budgets, we won’t need to go through this lengthy process again. All of the required documentation and rationalisation for future priority projects has now been completed and submitted to the Department.

Michelle Roberts