December 1, 2021

Facility Development

We are now permitted to have a full construction workforce onsite to continue working on the completion of our new two storey Year 7 and 8 Learning Centre. Neo Construct are now onsite six days a week to try and catch up a bit. The colour bond wall cladding is nearly completed, window glazing and flyscreen installation continues, as does wall and ceiling lining. The plan is to have the building at lock up stage by the school holidays. The lift is ready for installation, and this will occur once lock up is reached. They will be shut down for the holidays from 20/12/21 to 10/1/22, and back onsite from 11/01/22.

The in-ground stormwater works will be commencing soon and then the pathway can be completed from the gate currently locked up so students will have access to this main entry and exit point from the start of the school year in 2022. The building is still on track for end of Term 1 handover. In addition, our two new outside basketball courts and two new outside netball courts and fencing will also be complete.

Michelle Roberts