November 3, 2022

Funding Announcement

On Monday 24 October, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, visited the school, along with our local member for Mordialloc and Parliamentary Secretary for Schools, Tim Richardson. It was very exciting to hear Mr Andrews announce a $12.6 million commitment to Mordialloc College if Labor is elected in November. This funding will allow us to complete the next stage of our masterplan which will involve the planning and development of a new Arts/Technology Centre (or STEAM Centre). It may require the project to be broken down into two stages depending on the projected costs in the future.


Our visitors were impressed with the students and staff they interacted with as we toured parts of the school and visited classrooms.

On Wednesday 2 November, the Opposition leader Matthew Guy and local Liberal candidate Phillip Pease visited the school to speak to me about our future needs in terms of facility development in line with our masterplan.  I took them on a tour of our current Art and Technology classrooms along with our Middle School Captains, Liliana Bell, Kylie Wolfe and Kyle MacDonald. They enjoyed meeting our students and teachers as we visited classrooms. It again was very exciting to hear Mr Guy and Mr Pease announce a $12.6 million commitment to Mordialloc College if the Coalition is elected in November.

We now have both political parties committing significant funds for future facility development if elected in November.

Ms Michelle Roberts