July 23, 2019

Future Capital Works

As previously reported, the College has been allocated $855,700 in funding to complete the planning process for our project, which will allow us to go straight into construction when the rest of the $8.5 million is allocated in the 2020 May budget. As such, the process has now started for the College to appoint an architect through the tender process from three pre-selected consultants on the department’s Consultants Service Register. A member of the Victorian Building Authority and representative from South East Region will be part of the selection panel, along with myself and Ian Fox, School Council President. Prior to the consultants submitting their tender for the project, I take each separately on a tour of the school and speak about the education vision of the school, school culture, pedagogy and the current masterplan and the need for planning for the current and future school growth. The contract should be awarded by mid-term.

Ms. Michelle Roberts