May 27, 2020

Future Facility Development

It was very exciting to hear on Monday 18 May from our local MP, Tim Richardson, and Minister for Education, James Merlino, that Mordialloc College has now been allocated the remaining capital works funds to proceed with the building of our new two storey Year 7 & 8 Learning Centre. As I wrote in my article two weeks ago, we had anticipated having to wait until October to get confirmation. It is fantastic news to now be able to start construction documentation with certainty around the project going ahead and hopefully the tender process will be completed by the end of Term 3. Once a building company is appointed, construction will potentially start by Term 4. Total funding promised in the lead up to the last State Election ($8,557,000) is being delivered, with $855,700 allocated in last year’s budget for planning and now the remaining $7.7 million. This new building will be positioned adjacent to the Discovery Centre for Science, with the Year 8 locker bay, bike shed and cricket nets to be relocated. Once this new building is completed and ready for occupation, the current Year 7 Learning Centre, which has been refurbished for our current Year 7s, will undergo further modifications for it to be utilised as a VCE study centre with additional classrooms in the future. If you missed my last newsletter article here are some of the images of our new building.

Michelle Roberts