March 21, 2024

Harmony Day 2024

The theme for Harmony day this year is:  EVERYONE BELONGS

Australia is proudly a multicultural country:

  • we identify with over 270 ancestries
  • 20% of us speak a language other than English, most common languages are Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Greek
  • 30% of the population were born overseas, most of these are from England, India, China, New Zealand, Philippines
  • 3.2% of people identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and are custodians of 167 indigenous languages 

Mordialloc College celebrations of this important week included fun activities during lunch with  Kingston Youth Services games, selling cookies, lolly competitions and orange ribbons (these symbolize Harmony Week). It was wonderful to see the International Students taking part in the activities and meeting other students.

Mentor continued the theme with a Harmony Day presentation, and art activity about harmony and inclusion, which will be displayed on the noticeboard outside the Hub.

Mordialloc College community includes Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families, and has at least 41 overseas cultures represented. Embracing and celebrating our diversity is important, as is, showing Australian values of tolerance, compassion and equality (a fair go for all).  Well done everyone who took part in Harmony Week.

Pamela Johnson

Secondary School Nurse