May 10, 2023

Helping to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Mordialloc College – Helping to Reduce Plastic Pollution – One Book at a Time


Our library has commenced using the World’s first fully biodegradable book covering.

When placed in the correct landfill or compostable environment, it is the very first adhesive book covering that will fully biodegrade without leaving toxic microplastics. It is also fully recyclable. This means at the end of its life, the whole book may be placed into a recycling bin.


The result is complete biodegradation – no toxic microplastics. Worms eat it and produce nutrients to enrich soils.


Extensive testing also shows that this book covering will not biodegrade whilst on display or left in school bags – even in high humidity environments. It will only break down when placed in the right compost or landfill environments. The active ingredient in this book covering produces a very slight texture so it’s easy for teachers, students and parents to identify books that are covered in this product.


We love our library, our collection of books and helping the environment. We believe this product will give our precious books a longer life and is helping to save the planet one book at a time.