September 17, 2015

Instrumental Music Showcase

It has been a term full of many activities that have really highlighted how talented and wonderful the students at Mordialloc College are. Last Thursday night I was so impressed to watch many of our students participate in the inaugural Instrumental Music Showcase. With a combination of solo and ensemble music performances, the evening was a huge success. Congratulations must go to the music staff – Mr Danoudis, Mr Abbott, Mr Krenn, Mr Maas and Mr Hopkins who have worked so well with the students to develop their skills and confidence to perform in front of a large audience. I thought Mr Maas made a very good point on the night where he likened the practice these students put in to learning their instruments as being similar to when you are training for a sporting event. However, it doesn’t matter how hard you practise, competing is very different and nights like this Instrumental Showcase were equivalent to competing and therefore so very important. I really look forward to seeing much more of this in the future.

Miss Jen Roep
Assistant Principal