International students of varying secondary school ages and backgrounds, arriving for study at Mordialloc College, will be required to undertake 6 months of intensive EAL study within the Intensive Language Centre (ILC). Exemption from mandatory enrolment in the Intensive English Language Program is provided:

  • After gaining a score of band 5 or higher across each language mode (speaking, listening, reading, writing) in an IELTS test, or the equivalent thereof, or
  • At the discretion of the ILC Coordinator or Assistant Principal in conjunction with EAL staff members and International Student Coordinators (ISCs) 

The ILC delivers thematic, integrated studies across the curriculum with the study of English underpinning all learning activities. Teaching-learning programs delivered in the ILC are informed and guided by the EAL Developmental Continuum Pathway C (Late Immersion).

While studying at Mordialloc College’s ILC, students will participate in all aspects of the intensive course provided. This aims to support all students to attain Standard S2 of the EAL Developmental Continuum across all modes of language, enabling a smooth transition and complete readiness to participate in mainstream studies. 

Subjects studied

Students in the ILC will participate in the following  subjects: 

  • Integrated Studies (English and Humanities)
  • The Language of Maths and Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Arts and Technology (Art, Food Technology and Digital Technology)
  • ILC Assembly and ILC Mentor program 


The ILC teachers design and deliver purposeful learning-teaching sequences with the aim of preparing students for education in mainstream classes. Students undergo ongoing cycles of diagnostic assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment, and reflection and feedback. 

A summary of progression will be communicated in clear terms, through a range of reports:

  • To parents through online parent-teacher interviews halfway through their ILC program
  • To parents through end of semester reports at the end of the ILC program
  • To their mainstream teachers through transition reports

By contrast, health and physical education and arts and technology are non-graded subjects. The aim of these subjects is to:

  • provide contact with different teachers in the college
  • provide variance in learning environment
  • provide cognitive variance in engaging with more kinaesthetic activities
  • provide a vessel for students with varying skills
  • allow long-term consolidation of English through variance in learning activities
  • foster deeper connections with their peers

Although no grade is provided for these subjects, teachers will plan a discrete unit of work with a small set of assessable unit objectives. 

Transitioning to the mainstream program

The ILC program prepares students for their mainstream classes at Mordialloc College. Vital parts of the transition period include course counselling in preparation for Headstart, participation in mainstream Year Level Assemblies, allocation of a locker, pre-transition reflection activities, and participation in school-wide co-curricular activities. Similarly college tools and processes designed to foster meaningful learning, such as college values and wellbeing referrals will be utilised where required.

Mordialloc College has a strong commitment to supporting all students to achieve their personal best in moving into their chosen future direction. The ILC is a vital component to ensuring equitable and inclusive measures are in place for the benefit of all the college’s students.

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