June 17, 2020

International Student Celebration Day

The International Student Celebration Day took place on Monday 15 June.

At the end of each term the International Student Program (ISP) cohort has a celebration but, due to the pandemic, there was no prior opportunity to do so, neither was there a possibility of an excursion.

The International Student Celebration Day is a half day celebration that gives the students a chance to celebrate their successes and gather together as a group. Furthermore, this helps release some tension that they, and their parents, have been expressing over the remote learning period and now transition back to on-site learning.

It was a pleasure to see Mr Moffat and Ms Roberts come down to visit us on the day. The students seemed to have fun and enjoyed the sports competition. We started our competition with basketball at 2:00 pm. There were only 2 teams, so we changed the time to 20-minute games. For badminton, there were 4 teams participating in the competition. So, at the end, we still had time left. Students formed in groups to play board games which were happening on the side. It was good to see people who were not doing sport enjoying board games with Mrs Strzalka. We announced the winner at the end and asked the students to clean up the space before dismissal.

The winners of the competitions were as follows:

–          Basketball: Ryan, Panha, William

–          Badminton: Linly, Panha



ISP Student Rep