May 30, 2024

International Student Program

Australian Rules Football (AFL) Event

On 26 of May Sunday, a large group of 35, composed of international students, their homestay hosts, parents and local students met together at the MCG to watch the game between St. Kilda Vs Melbourne. Thank you so much Mr Andrew Fisher, our PE teacher for organising the free tickets and the opportunity for our international students to become familiar with Australian Culture. Everyone had a wonderful time as for most of our students, this was the first time visiting the MCG. Please see some of their feedback:

IVY: The competition was really intense. There were 2 teams: Melbourne and St. Kilda. We sat in the Melbourne fans’ team by accident. The fans were so excited to support their team. All the players were trying to get a goal. At the half of the game, some little kids played footy. It was my first time watching a live sports competition in Australia. The atmosphere  was so lively that I even couldn’t stop shouting to cheer! I shouted too loud to support the players that I felt dizzy because there was less oxygen in my brain.  The mascots were very cute and interesting. All in all, I love that competition. By the way, Melbourne won finally.

Sherry:  I had a wonderful day with my friends.  We spent many days preparing for this trip. My college friend  Vincent is a good leader because he chose a good meeting point  for us and showed us how to get on the train. On our way home, we were still very excited and chatted a lot  about the match, the weather…Moreover, our  friendship as I found I can understand and know more about my friends like Mai, Henry, Vincent and Harry.

Evelyn: we took the train to the MCG and met a lot of people on the train who were all fans going to the MCG. It was crowded on the train. I saw many people were wearing scarves and hats from their favourite teams and we were excited all the time. There were two teams in the competition. One is St. Kilda and one is Melbourne. Whenever a team scores 6 points, fans wave flags and cheer them loudly. I liked the environment during the competition because everyone was friendly. In my impression, fans will argue with fans of other teams in order to protect their own team. But they were really being friendly to everyone. Also, I could hear cheers all the time and enjoyed the sunshine. I took so many photos about the competition and shared my happiness with my parents. Finally, this experience became an unforgettable experience for me. 

Sue: I can  say St. Kilda is losing badly. My teacher Mr Fisher may be sad because he’s a big fan of St. Kilda. Finally Melbourne won and the whole audience cheered.  After it’s over, my homestay took me to Chinatown and we ate noodles for dinner.

Janet:  I didn’t go to the football game yesterday because I was sick. I feel a bit sad but I have learnt some rules about  Australian football from the internet  at home. 

Each team has 18 players on the field, plus 4 substitutes. Mainly scores by running with the ball but kicking and shooting. There are four goalposts at the end of the court. 

The two in the middle are higher and the two on the sides are shorter. There are three goal areas: “low-high-low”. Players score 6 points if they kick the ball into the high goal area, and only score 1 point if they hit the ball into the high goal area with their hands, hit the high goal post, or kick the ball into the low goal area. I think this sport requires not only strength but also teamwork. Well, you can imagine how interesting the live competition will be!  I will definitely not miss the next football match. 

International Student Semester 2 /2024 Tuition Fee

The Semester 2/2024 international student tuition fee invoices have been distributed. Please make the full payment to IED of DET  before 07 June 2024.

Payment Instructions: 

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Qun Joan Mau

International Student Coordinator