August 10, 2022

International Student Program 2022

2023 Course Counselling Pathway interviews have now been finalised for our international students. We would like to thank our Pathways Team, Acting Senior School Director Mr Randell, and Acting Year 9 Co-ordinator Miss Hatton, for their special effort in visiting our centre to talk to students individually. We also thank Miss Lueng for her contribution as a Japanese interpreter. In particular, we would like to thank Mrs White, who provided further career advice to ensure the students select the right pathways and subjects to achieve their personal best. All the parents greatly appreciated the school’s assistance.


After four weeks of study at our Language Centre, our new arrivals have completed their ‘Introduce Myself’ activities, which were supervised by our leading EAL teacher Mrs Griss. Each student created a colourful collage describing their interests and experiences so far. Well done!


This morning, our students participated in the Globe Athletic Fitness Training program. They had a fantastic time at the gym, trying out pilates and weight training for the first time. In the photos you will see a special furry guest! We will post updates as they complete the next three weeks of the program.

Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator