March 9, 2022

International Student Program 2022

Last Tuesday our school nurse, Mrs Pamela Johnson, presented a talk in which she covered aspects of student health and mental health. She emphasised the zero tolerance policy for bullying and provided information on the various help hotlines available. We thank Pamela for her effort and support.

On Thursday our dedicated ILC English teacher and coordinator Mrs Jenny Tran, introduced her students to a variety of iconic Aussie foods including Vegemite, lamingtons, TimTams and marshmallows. Most of these were well received with the exception of the Vegemite as demonstrated by the facial expressions in the photos below. This experience led us into a discussion of cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

The International Student Program Team:


Andrew Moffat – Assistant Principal

Qun Joan Mao – International Student Coordinator

Jenny Tran – English Language Centre Coordinator

Lorna Griss – EAL Teacher

Kai Yin – EAL Maths/Science Teacher