June 16, 2022

International Student Program 2022

On Wednesday 8 June, a short graduation ceremony was held for our English Language Centre students. Mr Andrew Moffat and Ms Tracey Bastin, our College Assistant Principals, congratulated the  students and presented each of them with a Certificate of Achievement. The presentation was followed by a pizza lunch. We would  like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and support staff involved.

Two of these  students, Trevor and Hao, who joined us at the start of 2022,  have written about their thoughts and feelings about their experiences here. Here is a short summary of what they wrote:


Trevor found his educational experience in Australia very exciting but it was quite bewildering at first. He was nervous at the prospect of learning in a foreign country and in a foreign language. He adjusted quickly however, not least because the local students made him feel at home and the teachers created a caring and pleasant study environment.

Trevor has observed that the educational system in China seems more ‘exam-oriented’. The education there is good if you keep up but it can sometimes leave less academic students behind. By the time they reach tertiary education, this can make a big difference to their career opportunities. Companies understandably will choose graduates of more prestigious courses and institutions.

The Australian educational system makes better provision for less academic achievers and supplies them with a broader education than they would receive in China, thereby empowering them better for future achievements. It also promotes more self-awareness and takes an interest in personal physical and psychological well-being.


Hao also found the experience very different from that in China. He found it more relaxed here, less homework and less pressure for  tests. He appreciated having a wider variety of subject choices here and was also very positive about the opportunities to meet a variety of different friends and to experience the many cuisines that result from the large migrant population. He feels his English has improved greatly as he has to use it much more frequently than he would in China. He says it was a good decision to come here.


We wish our students all the best as they transition to the Mainstream class for Semester 2, 2022.


Qun Joan Mao

International  Student Coordinator