February 16, 2022

International Student Program 2022

Welcome to our 2022 International Student Program

Welcome to our returning and new International Students in 2022. We are thrilled to finally have new international students studying with us on shore at Mordialloc College.


We have a total 23 international students so far and they are from China, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Hungary, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.


We will be welcoming additional students from Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, and more countries next semester.


Some lovely messages from our international students:


“The sky in Australia is so blue…”

“The school is so beautiful and there are not many tall buildings around it”

“People are very polite, teachers are so nice and students are all friendly and easy going…”

We have no doubt all of our new students will feel at home very quickly.


A special congratulations to Charlie Guo, the DUX of 2021 with an ATAR of 98.3 who was an international student who came to Mordialloc College in 2019.


If you are interested in hosting an international student, please contact the College Office.



The International Student Program Team:


Andrew Moffat – Assistant Principal

Qun Joan Mao – International Student Coordinator

Jenny Tran – English Language Centre Coordinator

Lorna Griss – EAL Teacher

Kai Yin – EAL Maths/Science Teacher