February 15, 2023

International Student Program

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all have enjoyed the pleasant weather! Certainly our international students enjoyed it. Our excellent natural setting affords our students the privilege of having their PE class on the beach. A strenuous game of beach volleyball was enjoyed by all. Thank you to our PE teachers Mr James Evans, Mr Andrew Fisher and Mr Cory Watters.

This year the school has provided a new subject: Digital Technology for ILC students. From the pictures you can see  how much our students enjoyed the class. Thank you Mr Simon Belluzzo, the Class teacher, for presenting the material in such a thorough and entertaining  way. Our students are impressed that their teacher can write Chinese characters and even pronounce the words in Chinese.

Food Tech is always our students’ favourite subject! Some of our students have never ever prepared meals for themselves. It was the first time they had donned aprons to chop the vegetables and use the stove or oven. What a great achievement!

Well done everyone!

Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator