February 22, 2023

International Student Program

Hi Everyone!


Last week our Year 7 international student Praniska was lucky enough to attend the Year 7 camp at The Summit Camp.

She sent us a very positive message about her experience:

“Year 7 camp was a great experience for me. It gave me a great opportunity to make new friends and bond with teachers. Some of the activities which I loved the most were the Nail Walk and abseiling.  For me, I felt that it was a unique idea to start Year 7 with a camp”.

We thank the event organizers, our school community and all the teachers for their effort and support. The event was very  successful and meant a lot to all Year 7 students.


Praniska is from Fiji and has just commenced her study with us this term.  She has settled in very well and made a lot of new friends. She told us that she just can’t wait to see this year’s school production. She is hoping to be a backstage support worker and to earn a lot of House points!

We are delighted when our international students get involved in school community activities.

Praniska’s dream is to be a doctor or health worker to help and look after people in the community.

Well done, Praniska! We hope her dreams come true.

Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator