March 8, 2023

International Student Program

Hi all,

We have had a productive and exciting week:

College Values

Last week, ILC (Intensive Language Centre) students participated in an activity that helped them better understand our College Values. Ms Brigitte Podesser, our ILC Co ordinator and teacher came up with the wonderful idea of helping the students translate the College Values into their first language, so they could develop a deeper understanding of them.

Therapy dog 

Last week, we had a special guest attend the ILC classes. Rosie, the therapy dog from the College Wellbeing Team visited the students. She received a warm welcome from all of our students, particularly those students who had never seen a therapy dog before. Rosie sat quietly for a few seconds until she smelled food from a student’s school bag, and we had to rush to stop her …

Interviewing Year 9 local students

Our students had a lot of fun interviewing our local Year 9 students. It was a very good opportunity for them to practice their spoken English, as well as meet local students. Thank you again to Ms Brigitte Podesser for arranging the activity and a huge thanks to Ms Samantha O’Rouke and her students’ support.

Upcoming events

Week 9 all international students will have an excursion to the Mornington Peninsula. Stay tuned for further updates!


Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator