November 24, 2021

International Student Program Excursion

Excape Room and Yummy Pho

On Monday 8 November our International students went to lunch at Yummy Pho and took part in the Excape Room experience. To negotiate the escape rooms they had to think outside the box, find hidden meanings as well as avoid distractions and traps. The students share their experience below:

Jerry: In this excursion the Escape Room is really fun and exciting. We can solve problems then move on to the next room, also the lunch is really good 🙂


Keika: In this excursion, the Escape Room was really fun. I think the most interesting part was to solve the problem and then move on to the next questions. Also the food was very good.


Ted: It’s a great experience to go to the Escape Room today. My favourite part was the team work when we were trying to look for the clues and we enjoyed the lunch as well.


Roy: I think the trip is ok, which means it’s neither bad nor good. Anyway the most interesting part is eating noodles and drinking a can of Fanta.

Terry: At Escape Rooms, the interesting thing is that we found the password to escape and I think the atmosphere. Our group “The Walking Undead” got 59.02, faster than my sister’s group ”Mad Professor Mordialloc”. After that, we went to the Vietnamese shop and I got 2 pork chops and a Fanta, my sister got a rice combo and the same drink.


Ivy: The most fun thing about today’s experience is when we are trying to work out each of the questions as a group. It is a pity that I didn’t get a chance to do the zombie one.


Naoto: Today I ate Vietnamese food. I asked for crispy chicken. It was so delicious.


James: Today every international student went to the Vietnamese restaurant, and Escape Rooms.  I’m happy today.


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