July 23, 2017

Introducing New Semester 1 Reports

Next Friday 30 June, Semester One reports will be released for all students at Mordialloc College. This semester we have introduced the new Victorian Curriculum and ensured all subjects at the school meet the required standards. Additionally, in response to parent, student, and staff feedback we have changed the way we report student progress with the aim of creating a more relevant and easy to understand reporting system.

For Years 7-10, students will receive grades for several ‘Work Habits’ that we have identified as important for students’ academic success. They will also receive a level of achievement based on the standards outlined in the new Victorian Curriculum that has been implemented this year. Finally, there will be a new component to student reports: Benchmark Tasks. These tasks are completed under the same conditions for all students within that subject. This allows teachers to accurately grade work against specific Victorian Curriculum standards for that subject. These grades are reported using the scale “Well below the expected level to Well above the expected level” in a similar manner to the previous AusVELS marking system (see below). Benchmark tasks completed in Term Two will also be accompanied by a minimum of three short comments focussed on what your child achieved and how they can improve.

Grade                                                                                           Equivalent

Well above the expected level                                            More than a year ahead of the expected level

Above the expected level                                                      6 months to  a year ahead of the expected level

At the expected level                                                               Within 6 months ahead or behind the expected level

Below the expected level                                                      6 months to a year behind the expected level

Well below the expected level                                            More than a year behind the expected level


VCE students will also receive ‘Work Habits’ grades as well as Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory results for their VCE units. You will also be able to see all their SAC results with comments for SACs completed in Term Two. SAC results will be reported using a school based assessment scale that aligns with VCAA assessment advice for each individual subject. This scale is from Very Low to Very High (see below).


Grade                                                                                              Equivalent

Very High                                                                                         A+ and a study score over 39

High                                                                                                   A and a study score of 37-39

Medium-High                                                                                B-B+ and a study score of 33-36

Medium                                                                                           C-C+ and a study score of 27-32

Low                                                                                                    D-D+ and a study score of 20-26

Very Low                                                                                          E-E+ and a study score of 20 or below


Note: This potential equivalent is dependent upon students matching their performance in SACs with their performance in the end of year exam, therefore must be treated as a guide rather than an indicative result. Due to the moderation and scaling process, the end of year exam is the most weighty determinant of each student’s study score.


We hope this new report structure will provide a meaningful and easy to understand overview of your child’s achievement in Semester One of 2017. I would encourage you to look through this report with your child and discuss their progress. You can also email your child’s teachers through Compass if you need further clarification.


I will be sending out a survey early in Term 3 to gather feedback on this new way of reporting in the hope of further improving the way we communicate progress to our students and parents.


Andrew Moffat