November 10, 2017

It’s Academic

An event we always look forward to is the annual Mordialloc College Academic Challenge for our feeder primary schools grade 5 students. This was held on Friday 27 October in the Year 7 LC. The event was run by our Middle School captains. This year we had eight of our feeder primary schools competing in this challenge, in front of an audience of 200 students and staff from Year 7. It not only offers a unique taste of secondary school life, whilst making learning fun and relevant; it also provides valuable leadership and event management skills for our Year 9 Middle School leaders.

Congratulations to Chelsea Heights PS who were the winners this year, closely followed by Chelsea PS who were second and Mentone PS third. I will be attending a whole school assembly at Chelsea Heights on Monday 13 November to present the trophy.

Thanks to Director of Middle School, Daniel Williams and our Middle School captains Elisa Barone, James Vicendese, Ava Collison and Taiyo Sekine for organising the event.

Ms. Michelle Roberts