May 19, 2017

John Monash Science School visit

To reward some of our high performing VCE students an excursion was organised to spend half a day at John Monash Science School. This took place on Tuesday. It was an opportunity for some of our Year 11 and 12 students to visit a high performing state school, observe a different learning environment in action and engage in discussions with Year 12 students about how they approach their studies, with tips on VCE learning strategies. I attended, along with Andrew Moffat and Matthew Brooks. Unfortunately we were limited in the number of students we could take, however, students shared their experiences and key learnings with their fellow students in Mentor sessions the next day.

I would like to share some of our student’s feedback about their experience:

“Reassuring to find out such a high performing school is the same as us.”

“It was really interesting discovering what drives ambitious students and hopefully we can use this experience to help push ourselves to reach our potential.”

“It was really insightful to see how other people work and how they are achieving their goals.”

“Nice to see how much in common we have with people from such a different school”

“Seeing the difference in attitude towards school and priorities.”

“Really good to see how other VCE students are coping.”

“Recognising that everyone has weaknesses as well as strengths.”

“Learnt some useful study techniques and how to maximise the effective use of my time to learn and revise work.”

Ms. Michelle Roberts