March 3, 2021

Leadership Induction Whole School Assembly

On Tuesday 23 February we formally recognised our students who have been successful in achieving a leadership position for this year, in a whole school assembly conducted remotely from our Performing Arts Centre with all classes viewing via Google Meet, along with parents who were able to attend online. Unfortunately, both Mr Tim Richardson, MP Member for Mordialloc and Mr Mark Dreyfus, MP and Federal Member for Isaacs, were not able to make it this year.  Ms Joanne Greenhalgh, Director of Senior School, led the assembly and I presented students with their leadership badge from the College and a formal leadership certificate from Mr Dreyfus. I am proud of the leadership structure we have in place at Mordialloc College, with many opportunities being available to our students. This includes School Captains, Middle School Captains, Year 12 leaders across a number of areas, House leaders from both sub-schools and SRC representatives from each year level, for a total of over 60 leadership roles. I congratulate all students who were prepared to nominate and go through the selection process.

The College community acknowledges the crucial role that leadership at every level throughout the school plays in continuing to provide a forum for student voice and providing opportunities for student led initiatives; in inspiring pride in the College and in reinforcing the importance of setting high expectations in everything we do.

In my speech during the assembly, I spoke about the most powerful leadership tool you have being your own personal example. I expect all of our student leaders to be positive role models, both in school and out in the community. This will involve leading by example on a daily basis through proudly demonstrating our agreed College values of Personal Best, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility in all actions and behaviours; and inspiring others to seek leadership opportunities in the future.

Student Leadership Team

Senior School

College Captains – Meike Berg and Lorenzo Mortimer

College Vice Captains – Celina Lum and Bianca Davidson

VCAL Captains – Isabelle Philpot and Auben Phillips

Environmental Captains – Matthew Grice and Abigail Brown

Visual Arts Captain – Natalie Politova

Performing Arts Captains – Tahlia Peacock and Tomas Graves

Sports Captains – Matthew Parsons and Aidan Boyd

Special Events Captain – Sophia Sharman

International Students Captain – Elaine Deng

House Captains:

Bunurong – Hannah Geers-Watson

Iwala – Ben Mencaraglia

Kalura – Sam Bloxham

Yerlonga – Matilda Wilson

Middle School

Middle School Captains: Charlotte Zaph and Lachlan Welsh

Middle School Vice-Captains: Caity Ford & Antonio Marques Vaz Serra

House Captains

Bunurong – Darby Blinco and Jacinda Jacobs

Iwala – Charlotte Kerr and Bailey Charters

Kalura – Eden Lasbury and Jaya Abaloz

Yerlonga – James Wilson

Student Representative Council (SRC): 

YEAR 12:

Lauren Ditchfield                          Natalie Politova                                     Spencer Halse

Samuel Bloxham                           Meike Berg                                             Aidan Boyd

Hannah Grieve                               Hannah Geers-Watson                       Benjamin Mencaraglia

Matilda Wilson                               Tahlia Peacock                                      Celina Lum

Bianca Davidson                            Matthew Grice                                      Matthew Parsons

Lorenzo Mortimer                         Abigail Brown                                        Tomas Graves

YEAR 11:

Chantelle Ferguson

Aston Hewet

Emma Schultz     

YEAR 10: 

Amelia Davidson   

Imogen Croft    

Jeremy Thai-Chan 

YEAR 9:  

Antonio Marques Vaz Serra

Charlotte Zaph    


Leilani Tovia                            Kyle McDonald                   Angela Mihas

Ella Barnard                            Kara Vigh                              Isabella Basile

Auburn Hewet                       Kylie Wolfe                            Elishka Collis 

Liliana Bell                              Linh Nguyen           

Year 7:

Sean Kanth                              Reny Zhang                            Chris Naing

Charles Horejsi                      Maadi Rogers                        Jensen Srisuwan