February 10, 2021

Lunchtime Clubs, Camps and Extra-Curricular Events

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the new 2021 school year!

This year I am new to the role of Director of Student Engagement. I will have met many of you before in my former role of Year Level Coordinator for Years 8 and 9, and as a teacher of Food Studies and Health to some of your children.

All the staff at Mordialloc College  have been  busy working on lesson plans and creating learning materials to fully engage your child in their lessons. As well as these lessons, staff have been busy planning extra-curricular activities and clubs.

Lunchtime and before/after school clubs are a great way for students to be engaged in activities of their own interests and also to meet and make friends with other students with similar interests. All clubs are fully supervised with staff giving up their lunch or free time to make this happen. 

Attached you will find 

You will see that many of the activities on the calendar include hyper-links so please click on the relevant activity and it will take you to a slide with all of the information needed for your child to attend on the correct day and the correct location.

Please navigate around the calendar as there is really something for everyone and this will be continually updated as events and clubs arise throughout the year.

Finally, your child receives House Points for attending clubs and extracurricular activities. There will be acknowledgement of the highest point scorers at Year Level Assemblies weekly as well as prizes at the end of term and reward excursion at the end of each semester. 

Thank you and we are all looking forward to another very successful year at Mordialloc College.


Mr Simon Cummins

Director of Student Engagement