June 1, 2022

Math Matters

With semester exams just around the corner a strong and supportive home study routine is important for effective study. Supporting students while they study at home can take a variety of forms and:

  • encourages consolidation of ideas and concepts
  • helps to transfer newly learned material to long term memory by revisiting concepts

Helping with home study could be in the form of:

  • asking questions about the task and then talking through their working methods
  • how might they approach the question
  • what do they know about the question
  • what information has been given

Encouraging them and taking an interest, but not doing the thinking for them

  • encouraging students to think  builds their reasoning and critical thinking skills – a highly sort after employability skill
  • get them to talk aloud when solving problems (this works for everyday problems not just mathematical ones.)
  • Have the students check their answers:
    • Can they estimate an approximate answer
    • Does their answer make sense?