August 10, 2022

Medieval Day

Around a week ago, we had Medieval Day. A day for the Year 8s and the Year 7 SEAL class, to learn about the medieval period for their next unit of work! Medieval Day was loads of fun! We were able to participate in cooking a medieval feast, learning archery, learning about medieval weapons, and how they evolved through the thousand years of the medieval period, and learning how medieval tournaments worked.

My personal favourite activity was archery, as I’m very fond of using a bow and arrow, because I’ve enjoyed it in past years at school camps. In archery, we were taught how to aim at a target and long-distance shots. Also, we fought over who could collect the most arrows with your friends. I’m pretty sure I hit the target about three times, and did terribly in the long distance. Some people were highly skilled with archery, I saw one person hit the target nearly every time!

When we were learning about weapons in medieval times, an instructor came in and taught us. He was very knowledgeable about the subject and I learnt loads from him! He brought out volunteers to demonstrate the levels of the feudal system, as well showing how the feudal system evolved over time.

Next, in cooking, every group, (Group 1, 2 and 3) made something different towards our lunchtime medieval feast. I was in group two making raspberry and apple tarts. Group 1 made vegetable pastries and Group 3 made pumpkin soup! In partners, we made our dish to go towards the feast. The end result was amazing! My personal favourite dish had to be the pumpkin soup! It was so tasty, and very good soup!

Finally, when we learnt about the medieval tournament another instructor came in and taught us the rules, and how it worked. She was trained as a knight, and very skilled. Some people (including myself) got to challenge her in a medieval tournament, (safely of course). I’m sure everyone would agree that it was very fun being in a medieval tournament having a mini sword fight! I didn’t do the best, but some people did incredibly, staying in for over a minute, which may not sound like long, but the instructor was very skilled!


Overall Medieval Day was a whole heap of fun! Thank you for reading.


Evie-Rose Rennison

Year 7J