October 16, 2017

Mental Health Week

This week we have been celebrating Mental Health week by offering students a range of fun and interactive activities which focus on the senses of touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell.  A lot of research has been conducted recently on ways that sensory activities can enhance and improve mood.  The Wellbeing team offered students the opportunity to participate in some fun lunchtime activities this week. These activities included; making stress balls, emoji pom poms, making and eating fruit cups, aromatherapy, listening to the sweet sounds of the Mordialloc College choir and joining in a Zumba lesson.

Mental Health week is a good time to encourage and motivate our school community to participate in activities that can enhance our mental health but it is an area which we focus on throughout the year.  At Mordialloc College we engage students in a range of social and emotional learning throughout the year in their My Mentor Classes each Wednesday.  Students are taught skills around healthy identity and relationships, resilience and help seeking skills and ways they can work though and overcome issues that confront adolescents today.

During Mental Health week we would encourage families to organise an extra activity with their children such as taking a walk or playing a card or board game and having a chat with them about how things are going and discussing the importance of good physical and mental health.  Young people need to be reminded that being mentally well doesn’t mean being happy all the time. Good mental health is about being valued and loved by family and friends, having hope for the future and being flexible and responding well to challenges that come their way.

Mordialloc College wellbeing services are here for students and families so please contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s health and wellbeing.

Enjoy the term ahead,

The Wellbeing Team – Di Dougals, Lana Paten and Ann Marsh