May 12, 2017

MEX 2.0

This year has seen a revamp of one of Mordialloc College’s best-loved programs – the Year 9 Mordialloc Experience (better known as the MEX). In 2016 a team of dedicated staff worked together to review the curriculum and update it in response to staff and student feedback. In Term 1 of this year we launched the new program, which has been affectionately named MEX 2.0.

MEX 2.0 runs throughout the year for all Year 9s, with students rotating through four units that focus on different areas that are relevant to students at this stage of life, such as mental health, community service, aspirations, and ethical issues. The students have been involved in a variety of dynamic learning opportunities that have been specifically designed to engage them in exploring who they are and how they interact with the wider world around them.

Kelly McConville