March 29, 2018

Middle School Awards

On Monday 26 March Years 7, 8 and 9 congregated in the Learning Centre to attend the middle school assembly. During this assembly 164 middle school students were recognised for their hard work and dedication to their studies throughout the term. Of the 164 students who were recognised, 41 students received two or more awards. The students who achieved this feat were: Abigail Brown, Andres Moreno, Annabelle Stacey, Ashleigh McCulloch, Beau Cardona, Bradley Combe, Bridget Arden, Chloe Gibbon, Christopher Castro, Declan Carroll, Edward Lamaro, Elisa Sarsini, Ella Bourne, Fasika Abera, Hannah Grieve, Heather Bartell, Isabel Agar-Wilson, James Walsh, Jordan Westrup, Kiani Wilkin, Lachlan Stacey, Lara Batten, Lauren Hunt, Lawrence Vlahos, Maggie Huber, Meike Berg, Mikayla Coxhell, Millie Cardona, Monty Millwood, JJ Sirachantanakorn, Noah Crowe, Poppy Collison, Rhianne Blavo, Ronan Askew, Rose Patel, Taylah Lewis, Thomas Toth, Timothy Whitford, Thomas Graves, Vika Vasilenko, Willow Howard-Smith and Yigit Yilmaz.

Congratulations to all of the students who were awarded certificates. Hopefully next term even more students will be nominated for certificates to recognise their hard work in Term 2.

Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School