April 28, 2022

Middle School Update

Daniel Williams
Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Term 1 has been such a fantastic term through the Middle School. It has been great to see students having an extended period of time with no interruptions to face-to-face teaching. In Term 2 we are aiming to continue to build on the positives that came out of Term 1 and have an even more successful term.


The 2022 Year 7 cohort has made a fantastic start to their schooling at Mordialloc College. After having two years of interrupted face-to-face learning at primary school, they have made the most of a full Term 1 in 2022.


Early in the term, the Year 7 students attended the Summit Camp in Trafalgar East, where many students challenged some of their fears, including the fear of heights on activities such as the giant swing, and highwire, a fear of small, enclosed places during the cave challenge and even the fear of snakes in the snakes and nails activity. Every student had a favourite activity that they participated in, but to many students’ surprise, a clear favourite was the Monster course, which was a team challenge much like Tough Mudder, where teams had to work together to complete a challenging course as fast as they could. Not only did each team complete the course twice, but they also became extremely muddy in doing so!


As well as making new friends, both at school and while at camp, the Year 7s have been learning the ins and outs of life at Mordialloc College and have now become fully integrated members of the Mordialloc College community.


Year 8s have also made a great start to the year. A major event that took place within the Year 8 program was students attending an incursion run by ‘Courage to care’ called the Upstander program, which is designed to educate participants on how to counter the dangers of racism, prejudice, discrimination and bullying. The session included stories from the Holocaust, which linked in with the English text The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The main message of the excursion was to be an upstander, not a bystander, when you see something that you know is not right. It was a great session and all of the students who participated were able to take something positive from the experience.


Like always our Year 8s participated in the school swimming and athletics carnivals to a very high level, with a large portion of the year level signing up and engaging in multiple events at both carnivals. It was great to see the effort a number of the cohort took in dressing up for the days.


Just a quick reminder that the school cross country day will be on Tuesday 3 May from 2.00 pm.


As of day 1 of Term 2, both Year 7 and 8 students now have a new home within the school, following the completion of our brand new Year 7 and 8 Learning Centre. Speaking with a large number of Year 7 and 8 students, they are very excited to have such an amazing facility to assist them in their learning.

Late last term, as a part of the Careers program, the Year 9 cohort undertook Morrisby testing, which is the first step in a process designed to assist and guide students in looking into career options for their future. With the information derived from the testing they completed late last term,  each student will soon have an individual meeting with a trained careers counsellor to assist them further in exploring options that may be of interest to them.


During participation in the Mordialloc Experience (MEX) program throughout Term 1, students worked in groups, researching, creating surveys, conducting surveys and finally presenting their findings on an ethical topic of their choice. This project took students outside  the school setting to collect primary data, which they then compiled and presented back to the rest of their MEX classes. All students enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the wider community and, although some were nervous presenting to their peers, everyone did a fantastic job and should be very proud of their efforts.


On Tuesday 5 April, the Middle School ran its first Middle School Assembly for the year. Having not run an assembly for an extended period of time, due to Covid restrictions, it was great to get back to some normality. The assembly was led by the Middle School Captains who did an amazing job. For Term 1, 144 students were nominated for awards, with 29 students being nominated for two or more awards. The 29 students who received two or more awards were presented with their certificates during the assembly, whilst those students who were nominated for one certificate will be presented their certificates in an upcoming year level assembly.


The three categories of awards students can be nominated for are:


LEARNING LEGEND: This is an award given for a student who has achieved outstanding results academically


EXCELLENCE ENDEAVOUR: This award is for students who always try their hardest and is achieving their personal best in every lesson they are part of


ALL ROUNDER: This award is for students who have been outstanding in a particular class all term. They have been achieving outstanding results, have a great attitude towards learning and always try their best.


The following students were the award recipients for Term 1:

Airlie Keogh Faye Woldemar Max Kavanagh
Amelia Bianchi* Finlay Muirhead Metaiah Iosefo*
Amy Cosic Grace O’Brien Nathan Issa
Anita Prudkov Grace O’Brien* Nathan Krummel
Ariane Schellebeck* Ingrid Heins* Niki Liokaftou*
Athan Papadopoulos Jack Hedley Pouy-You Sok
Ava McIntosh Jai Gothwal* Sarah Luong
Aylen Yildirim Jamie Filatow Saxon Mead*
Bella Granger Jasmine De Wever Tahlia Northam*
Collin Joo* Lara Holland* Taytum Barr*
Daniel Vincze Lucy Fletcher Tori Savage
Declan Visser Macey Cole* William Duke*
Ella O’Halloran Matilda Savage Yagiz Yilmaz
Emma Walklate Matthew Ridley Zak Hoogwerf
Evie-Rose Rennison
Abbey Quantrelle Ethan Simons* Maya Fagan
Abbie Whetstone Evan Susil Michael Robinson
Aislyn Harvey Grace Erlandsen Oscar Goudy
Alex Wragg Hayley Everett Pippa Neville
Alexander Bletas Hayley George Prabhath Kota*
Alfie Vos* Humaira Humaira Reyhaneh Nouri
Ana Chalela Sabogal Jensen Srisuwan Ruiying Zhang
Angus Woodhouse* Joshua Coxhell Sergej Anciferov
April George Kai Seedeen Seth Pratt
Sebastian Weller Lara Seeary Spencer Curtin
Bonnie Blinco Leny Lee Tayla Gibbons
Charlie Leek Liv Patterson Tora Murphy
Chloe Heath* Lucy Beckett Verity Maywald
Daniel Broadley Mackie Taylor Verity Wilson
Dante Morabito Maisey Blann Willow Jensen*
Ella Scott-Cunningham Maverick Lisi Gray
Adam Robinson* Harvey Feild Lachlan Jowett
Amy Bourne Harvey Silvey Leilani Tovia
Amy Kuuse Hayden Finkelde Leroy Rockman
Auburn Hewet Holly Pearse Linh Ngyuen
Ava Creaser Hunter Mead* Maddie Wakefield
Beth Mitchell Jack Hayes Martin Hyatt
Bodie Remedios Jake Hill Matilda Lakeland
Bree Elliott Jake Ridley Mia Murnane
Caitlin Monssen James Arvanitakis Mitch Norton
Celestine Debargue-Tamai* James Marlow Piper Charters
Charli Adamson Jarvis Barr Raphael Debargue-Tamai*
Chloe Payne Jenelle Sauli Rebecca Dowling
Cooper Hewitt* Jessica Rees Riley Feild*
Daniel Bianchi Kate Hicks Romeo Davies
Eden Handfield Kate Schultz Ryan Azzopardi
Ethan Jong Katinka Ellis Ryan House
George Rachele-Burtt Kaymiah Heath Shakked Cooper
Harrison Powell Kiala Kruse* Sunju Kang

*Denotes two or more award nominations.


All of the above students are to be congratulated for a fantastic first term.


Daniel Williams

Director of Middle School