March 3, 2021

Mordialloc College House Swimming Sports

The Mordialloc College House Swimming Sports were held at Oakleigh Swim Centre on Wednesday 24th  February and attracted over 850 students and staff participating in swimming. Overall Aggregate winning house was Red House/Iwala 1st (666 points), Yellow House/Bunurong 2nd (524 points), Blue House/Yerlonga 3rd (502 points) and Green House/Kalura 4th (331 points). Congratulations to all participants on this fun day of house swimming.  


12: Ryan Westwood (Iwala) 32 points12: Amber Sikora (Yerlonga) 6 points
13: Billy Farrer (Yerlonga) 30 points13: Liv Patterson (Kalura) 46 points
14: Jake Ridley (Iwala) 48 points14: Charlotte Adamson (Yerlonga) 40 points
15: Oliver Lynch (Iwala) 38 points15: Charlotte Kerr (Iwala) 30 points
16: Cooper Smith (Bunurong) 48 points16: Jade Goodman (Iwala) 44 points
17: Stephen Elkington (Yerlonga) 46 points17: Emily Hoysted (Iwala) 42 points
18-20: James Collins (Kalura) 44 points18-20: Tahlia Peacock (Bunurong) 48 points

The following students will represent the College in the forthcoming Kingston Division Swimming Carnival to be held on Thursday 18 March at Oakleigh Recreation Centre (Week 8 / Term 1):

Year 7: Ryan Westwood; Connor Sullivan; Joseph Mouthe Santos; Murray Hamilton; Mackenzie Taylor; Thomas Athanasiou; Liv Patterson; Natashia Konsberry; Ruiying Zhang; Bonnie Blinco; Pippa Neville; Billy Farrer; Xavier Knox; Jolie Ellis; Jessica Rees; Sergej Anciferov; Maverick Lisi Gray; Frankie Beilby; Milla O’Brien.

Year 8: Lily Rontogiannis; Summer Smith; Charlotte Adamson; Swayde Cole; Amelie Askew; Rebecca Dowling; Joshua Granger; Jake Ridley; Ethan Sorrell; William Dean; Kash Vanderwyk; Xavier Apthorpe; Summer Smith; Coco Ioculari; Lachlan Jowett; Hunter Mead.

Year 9: Flynn Nicholson; Oliver Lynch; Tate Winnell; Harvey Stewart; Flynn Webster; Jonathon Whitford; Charlotte Kerr; Katie Tregellis; Layla Stephens; Zahra Konisberry; Olivia Cohen; Isabelle Vicendese; Olivia Cohen. 

Year 9 Advance Students: Mia Carmona; Mika Faid; Piri Faid; William Fraser; Nathan Kalogris; Hannah Mackay; Lucas Mackay; Larna McKendry; Timothy McQuiston; Sean Reekie.

Year 10: Liam Robertson; Tate Winnell; Thomas Toth; Cooper Smith; Dylan O’Neill; William Fountain; Isaac Thompson; Jessikan Balaruban; Maya Whetstone; Taylah Lewis; Tia Roberts; Charlotte Borkowski; Jurney Vanderwyk; Madeline Lawson; Charlie Bateson; Jeremy Thai-Chan; Isabella Sullivan.

Year 10 Advance Students: Rohan Boyd; Liam Broad; Millie Cardona; Nina Davis; Tyler Fox; Harry Humphrey; Roma McGoldrick; Orlando Robertson; Thomas Toth

Year 11: Emily Hoysted; Stephen Elkington; Abbey Tregellis; Emma Broadley; Tamsyn Russell; Thomas Clarke; Ashton Lawrence; Jade Goodman; Charlee-Ann Welsh; Stephen Elkington; Paige Anderson; Harvey Romeo.

Year 12: Matthew Parsons; Max Reindel; Michael Ebert; Tahlia Peacock; Rowenna Thay; Matilda Wilson; Meike Berg ; Louis Bateson; Lauren Ditchfield; Flynn Curry; Harvey Romeo; Isaac Petterson; Ethan Capp; Lorenzo Mortimer; Jaxon Pendrey; James Collins; Matt Grice; Thomas Clarke.