May 11, 2022

Multiculturalism Poster Competition

Multiculturalism Poster Competition

For Cultural Diversity Week, one of the activities last term involved students making a poster to display their understanding of ‘What is Multiculturalism’. We had mainly Year 8 participants and also two from the International Student Program. We are highly appreciative of the opportunity given to us by the Year 8 Coordinators, Ms Hockey and Ms Davey, for the awards to be presented at the Year Level Assembly on Tuesday 3 May. Ms Michelle Roberts (Principal) congratulated all the participants with their certificates and prizes at the Assembly. Also, a huge thank you to Joan Mao (International Student Program Coordinator) for attending with the international students, as well as Ms Tracey Bastin (Assistant Principal).


Pictured above: Lucy Beckett, Amber Sikora, Caleb Mulcahy, Ruohan (Rhianna) Hu, Bonnie Blinco, Yusen (Ethan) Yang, (absent: Kirili Armstrong-Sheath and Rose Robinson) with their certificates.


For 2022, our proud winners were:

  • 1st Prize – Amber Sikora, Kirili Armstrong-Sheath, Caleb Mulcahy
  • 2nd Prize – Lucy Beckett
  • 3rd Prize – Ruohan (Rhianna) Hu
  • Other participants – Yusen (Ethan) Yang, Bonnie Blinco, Rose Robinson


Sehenaze Peerbux

Languages Area Leader