September 15, 2016

Music Showcase

On Thursday 8 September the Mordialloc Instrumental Music Department hosted its second annual Music Showcase. The stage was set within the school’s Learning Centre, which, throughout the day, had been transformed into an exciting performance space. Once instruments were tuned, vocal chords warmed and nerves calmed, over seventy of our talented music students took to the stage and were greeted by an overwhelmingly large audience consisting of family and friends, filling the performance space with an undeniable positive energy and genuine enthusiasm, intent on supporting each of the fifty fantastic performances that lay ahead. Our music students, some with shaking hands, each courageously took to the stage (some for the very first time) and delivered a diverse array of solo and ensemble performances with intensity, professionalism and, above all, passion. As a Music Department, we couldn’t be more proud of each of our students and equally thankful for the truly remarkable measure of support from parents and friends.

A special thank you to Jen Roep, Meaghan Baker and Mark Moule for their help on the night and to Karen Barker for her magical touch putting together the program for the evening.

Demis Danoudis
Music Coordinator