May 3, 2023

Numeracy Update

Dear Members of the Mordialloc College Community,

As Term 2 begins, Mordialloc College’s continued commitment to providing an extensive teaching and learning program that supports all students to pursue their passions is continuously seen within the classroom environment. All of this and more will be on display at the College’s Open Night on Thursday 4 May.


Our teaching and learning program is focused on engaging all students within the classroom by providing a range of learning opportunities. As teachers we inform our practice using data that incorporates student voice. During Term 1 students completed Pivot surveys for their classes that asked their opinion in the areas of classroom environmentinstructionrelationships and student voice. Staff have accessed these results and will be working with their students in unpacking them.

Numeracy Intervention

As a College we continue to offer a range of Intervention programs to provide extra support to our students. The Tutor Learning Initiative, funded by the State Government to address gaps in learning from COVID disruptions, is continuing this year. We currently have two Numeracy tutors working with our targeted students in Year 9. Our tutors work in classes, alongside the classroom teacher, to reinforce the key skills and help students gain confidence in their numeracy ability. This program targets a range of students, supporting and extending students across the various levels of ability.


Year 7 and 9 students successfully completed NAPLAN Online in March this year. Over two weeks we saw 1688 student tests successfully submitted at Year 7 and 9. Students were exemplary in their display of personal best. The earlier date will also enable schools and families to receive results much sooner than we previously have, undoubtedly proving more beneficial in informing teaching and learning programs and providing additional support and extension to students at their point of need.

Parents and carers, this year, will receive simpler and clearer information about your child’s NAPLAN achievement based on new, more rigorous, national standards. The numerical NAPLAN bands and the national minimum standard will be replaced by the following 4 levels of achievement, ExceedingStrongDevelopingNeeds additional support. The descriptors for each category will make it clear to parents what your child’s literacy and numeracy skills are at the time of NAPLAN testing, and support discussions with your child’s teacher regarding their progress.


Mathematics in the Senior School

Continuous assessments and feedback have been occurring throughout the senior mathematics classes. While it’s daunting for many, below are strategies that can help make it easier.

Practice Tests and SACs

Do as many as you can … but also remember that it is just as important to be correcting and reflecting on the Practice Tests and SACs you have completed.

Be consistent. 

Try to revise each topic regularly as this will help you retain what you’re studying. Don’t compare yourself with other students. Instead, focus on yourself and the areas of the topic you don’t understand.

Mindset flip

When you are learning something synapses fire in your brain. Studies show that the brain synapses occur during struggles and mistakes as you are gaining a deeper understanding of the content you are learning.


Looking ahead, I encourage all our students to make the most of the learning opportunities offered. We look forward to the continued success of all our students.


Maria Antoniou

Director of Whole School Numeracy