December 14, 2022

Orientation Day

All our new students (220) starting next year in Year 7 had Orientation Day on Tuesday. This is always a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends, become more familiar with the College and get to know the Year 7 teaching team. My thanks to all staff involved in running or supporting this program, especially our Year 7 Coordinators Jo Hannan and Daniel Mayadas: and Director of Middle School Brendan McFarland.

As in previous years, we also ran a special transition program in the lead up to this day for students in Grade 6 identified as at risk in transitioning to secondary school. This was run over two days last week by our Wellbeing Team and Year 7 Coordinators and included our 2023 Year 10 Peer Support student leaders to support the Grade 6 students on these days with the activities. This program has been so important in ensuring Orientation Day isn’t so daunting to them (nor, of course, the start of the next year).

Michelle Roberts